Rebecca Solnit – ‘You Can Crush the Flowers, But You Can’t Stop the Spring’

Last Tuesday, I awoke in lower Manhattan to the whirring of helicopters overhead, a war-zone sound that persisted all day and then started up again that Thursday morning, the two-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street and a big day of demonstrations in New York City. It was one of the dozens of ways you could tell that the authorities take Occupy Wall Street seriously, even if they profoundly mistake what kind of danger it poses. If you ever doubted whether you were powerful or you mattered, just look at the reaction to people like you (or your children) camped out in parks from Oakland to Portland, Tucson to Manhattan. Lire la suite

Scott Tucker – When We Fight Back

Morality in the land of the free is a curious mix of Tinkertoys and torture racks. We have just witnessed a full week of brutal coordinated police assaults upon peaceful protesters. The Occupy movement must therefore rise to a new level of coordinated and class-conscious actions against the corporate state. But let’s not be seen in public with signs saying, “They only call it class war when we fight back.” We might frighten away all our potential friends in high places. Every last member of the Occupy movement must have the patience of the saints while being pepper sprayed, or else the ruling class will not enjoy three square meals of duly seasoned sacrificial lambs. Lire la suite

Alain Accardo – Indignation moyenne

Préambule : « 99% vs 1% », principal slogan du mouvement Occupy Wall Street, a l’avantage d’une mise à jour sans précédent des chiffres concernant la montée des inégalités durant les trois dernières décennies, des mécanismes de captation des énormes gains de la productivité du travail au profit d’une extrême minorité. Simultanément, ce slogan ne résisterait pas à une analyse en terme de classes sociales dont la définition serait enracinée dans la production sociale. Lire la suite